Construction machinery industry

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The construction machinery industry has taken a gratifying step in accelerating structural adjustment, cultivating and developing new kinetic energy, realizing the conversion of old and new kinetic energy and transforming the growth mode, which has created conditions for further promoting the high-quality development of construction machinery.

At present, under the guidance of "Made in China 2025", a group of enterprises in the construction machinery industry continue to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, deepen the exploration, research and application of intelligent related technologies, accelerate the construction and application of industrial Internet, and obtain Obvious progress.

At the same time, adhere to innovation-driven, high-end equipment continues to make major breakthroughs; adhere to green development, the pace of energy saving and emission reduction of construction machinery is accelerating; adhere to high standards, industry-wide standardization has entered a new era;

The construction of the “Belt and Road” projects of related construction machinery enterprises has been accelerated, the scope and field of international production capacity cooperation have been continuously expanded, the system and mechanism have been continuously improved, the construction of key directions and key areas has made positive progress and significant results, and the construction machinery industry has continued to internationalize. Accelerate, "going out" has continuously achieved new results.

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