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Corrugated digital meter / Ripple Digital Table / Corrugated digital meter

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Delivery on time
  • Quality Assurance
  • Non-standard customization
  • Can accurately indicate different positions of machine parts
  • From production to inspection can be completed in one company, with fast communication efficiency

Product Details

BWSZSL Corrugate digital handwheel

Main accessories: plastic sprayed on the surface of the shell, divided into bright and matte

Body color: black

Advantages: suitable for horizontal axis or 45-degree axis, can accurately indicate the different positions of the machine parts, the surface can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

Our advantage:

Price advantage: From the customer's order to production to after-sale "one-stop" service, it reduces the loss of the intermediate link, can effectively control and compress costs, and is competitive.

High communication efficiency: From production to inspection can be completed in one company, the response speed is fast, and the communication efficiency is improved.

Strong after-sales ability: Once the customer finds a problem with the product, he can immediately dock with the factory technicians and request to provide

After-sales service. Whether it is product improvement maintenance or guidance, the factory can directly meet customer needs.

Convenient and convenient: The product is rich and the mold fee is saved, and the delivery time is quickly in stock. It truly provides customers with a high-quality, safe and convenient shopping experience.

Dongguan ouyano Machinery Parts Co. LTD;

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