Stainless steel high-end precision spring plunger with teeth Locating pin ball screw

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Plunger with teeth / Stainless steel precision plunger / Locating pin ball screw

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • product available
  • Non-standard customization
  • Delivery on time Quality assurance
  • Reduce the loss of intermediate links, can reduce costs
  • From production to inspection can be completed in one company, with fast communication efficiency

Product Details

Product name Plunger Brand Ou'ano Model Complete

Material Carbon steel Stainless steel Applicable machine tool General

Material: iron zinc plated nickel size

Delivery on time quality assurance

Our advantage:

Price advantage: From the customer's order to production to after-sale "one-stop" service, it reduces the loss of the intermediate link, can effectively control and compress costs, and is competitive.

High communication efficiency: From production to inspection can be completed in one company, the response speed is fast, and the communication efficiency is improved.

Strong after-sales ability: Once the customer finds a problem with the product, he can immediately dock with the factory technicians and request to provide

After-sales service. Whether it is product improvement maintenance or guidance, the factory can directly meet customer needs.

Convenient and convenient: The product is rich and the mold fee is saved, and the delivery time is quickly in stock. It truly provides customers with a high-quality, safe and convenient shopping experience.

Can be customized according to the customer's needs drawings and samples, the materials are: 303,304,316, copper, iron, aluminum, plastic, a variety of options

Dongguan ouyano Machinery Parts Co. LTD;

Contact Person: Tang Xiaojuan

Telephone: +86-13431284836

Landline: +86-0769-82288206

Company Address: 1 dongda bei street, shatou, chang 'an town, dongguan city

Factory Address: No.1 Factory Building, Dongda North Street, Shatou, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China


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